On 3rd August 2016, at the 129th session of the International Olympic Committee in Brazil, Karate was voted for inclusion in the programme of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

This is a historic date for karate across the world. The hopes and dreams of millions of Karatekas around the world came true on 3rd August. After hundreds of years of history of this sport, and following many years of hard work by the World Karate Federation, the Karate family has finally fulfilled their dream of seeing this discipline in the Olympic Games. This will be accomplished precisely in Tokyo, the capital city of the birth nation of the sport.

The WCKA will continue to support the Welsh Karate Governing Body with their aim of raising the standard of karate in Wales. We will continue to increase participation in Karate Kumite at our interclub events and take our competitors to the next level of Kumite.