WCKA SuperFit League Tables 2018

Below you will find the Leagues for POINTS FIGHTING, CONTINUOUS FIGHTING and FORMS. The final competition for these events will be on 11 November 2018. The Finalists for KARATE KUMITE and KICK LIGHT are shown below, as the final event for these categories took place on 5 August 2018

It’s the top 2 competitors in every category who will fight on 2 December 2018 to decide who will be crowned 2018 WCKA SuperFit Grand Champion

Advanced Categories (Point Fighting & Continuous Fighting)

Novice – Intermediate Categories (Point Fighting & Continuous Fighting)

All Forms Categories

Karate Kumite Finalists announced
Under 8s Girls – Ffion Brown (Aberdare) vs Cassie-Mai Woods (Pontyclun)
8-9 Boys (Novice) – Iwan Hargreaves (Llantrisant) vs Liam Hayles (Llantrisant) or William Wiltshire (Caerphilly)
8-9 Boys (Advanced) – Reuben West (Caerphilly) vs Cody Williams (Aberdare)
8-9 Girls (Novice) – Anastasiya Crew (Rhondda) vs Brooke Cayford (Llantrisant)
8-9 Girls (Advanced) – Kloe Jones (Cwmllynfell) vs Jaida Smith (Rhondda) or Keisha Wilde (Penlan)
10-11 Girls (Novice) – Brooke Cayford (Llantrisant) – GRAND CHAMPION
10-11 Girls (Advanced) – Isabelle Manuel (Merthyr) vs Kloe Jones (Cwmllynfell)
12-13 Boys (Novice) – George Bevan (Caerphilly) – GRAND CHAMPION
12-13 Boys (Advanced) – Sam Coakley (Caerphilly) vs Callum Griffiths (Rhondda)
12-13 Girls (Novice) – Abi Williams (Merthyr) vs Lowri Fielding (Llantrisant)
12-13 Girls (Advanced) – Ruby Carter (Caerphilly) vs Lucy Lee (Aberdare)
14-17 Boys (Advanced) – Jack Maloney (Caerphilly) vs Liam Maloney (Caerphilly)
14-17 Girls (Advanced) – Chloe Jenkins (Aberdare) – GRAND CHAMPION
Men (Advanced) – Joe Griffiths (Llantrisant) – GRAND CHAMPION
Women (30+) – Kate Rees (Rhigos) vs Rose-Sharon Hayles (Llantrisant)

Kick Light Finalists announced
Under 8s Girls – Cassie-Mai Woods (Pontyclun) vs Ffion Brown (Aberdare)
8-9 Boys (Novice) – William Wiltshire (Caerphilly) vs Tyla Williams (Bridgend) or Iwan Hargreaves (Llantrisant)
8-9 Boys (Advanced) – Reuben West (Caerphilly) – GRAND CHAMPION
10-11 Boys (Novice) – Dylan Parry (Penlan) – GRAND CHAMPION
10-11 Girls (Advanced) – Nia Lerwill (Caerphilly) – GRAND CHAMPION
12-13 Boys (Advanced) – Callum Jenkins (Aberdare) vs George Bevan (Caerphilly)
14-17 Boys (Advanced) – Jack Maloney (Caerphilly) vs Liam Maloney (Caerphilly)
14-17 Girls (Advanced) – Chloe Jenkins (Aberdare) vs Nia Lerwill (Caerphilly)
Women (30+) – Rose-Sharon Hayles (Llantrisant) – GRAND CHAMPION