WCKA Grand Finals 2018

This year’s Grand Finals will take place at the Ty Newydd Country Hotel, Penderyn Road, Hirwaun, Aberdare, CF44 9SX on Sunday 2 December. Competitors have been battling it out all year to reach the finals. It’s the top 2 competitors in every category who will fight on 2 December 2018 to decide who will be crowned 2018 WCKA SuperFit Grand Champion

Karate Kumite Finalists announced
Under 8s Girls – Ffion Brown (Aberdare) vs Cassie-Mai Woods (Pontyclun)
8-9 Boys (Novice) – Iwan Hargreaves (Llantrisant) vs Liam Hayles (Llantrisant) or William Wiltshire (Caerphilly)
8-9 Boys (Advanced) – Reuben West (Caerphilly) vs Cody Williams (Aberdare)
8-9 Girls (Novice) – Anastasiya Crew (Rhondda) vs Brooke Cayford (Llantrisant)
8-9 Girls (Advanced) – Kloe Jones (Cwmllynfell) vs Jaida Smith (Rhondda) or Keisha Wilde (Penlan)
10-11 Girls (Novice) – Brooke Cayford (Llantrisant) – GRAND CHAMPION
10-11 Girls (Advanced) – Isabelle Manuel (Merthyr) vs Kloe Jones (Cwmllynfell)
12-13 Boys (Novice) – George Bevan (Caerphilly) – GRAND CHAMPION
12-13 Boys (Advanced) – Sam Coakley (Caerphilly) vs Callum Griffiths (Rhondda)
12-13 Girls (Novice) – Abi Williams (Merthyr) vs Lowri Fielding (Llantrisant)
12-13 Girls (Advanced) – Ruby Carter (Caerphilly) vs Lucy Lee (Aberdare)
14-17 Boys (Advanced) – Jack Maloney (Caerphilly) vs Liam Maloney (Caerphilly)
14-17 Girls (Advanced) – Chloe Jenkins (Aberdare) – GRAND CHAMPION
Men (Advanced) – Joe Griffiths (Llantrisant) – GRAND CHAMPION
Women (30+) – Kate Rees (Rhigos) vs Rose-Sharon Hayles (Llantrisant)

Kick Light Finalists announced
Under 8s Girls – Cassie-Mai Woods (Pontyclun) vs Ffion Brown (Aberdare)
8-9 Boys (Novice) – William Wiltshire (Caerphilly) vs Tyla Williams (Bridgend) or Iwan Hargreaves (Llantrisant)
8-9 Boys (Advanced) – Reuben West (Caerphilly) – GRAND CHAMPION
10-11 Boys (Novice) – Dylan Parry (Penlan) – GRAND CHAMPION
10-11 Girls (Advanced) – Nia Lerwill (Caerphilly) – GRAND CHAMPION
12-13 Boys (Advanced) – Callum Jenkins (Aberdare) vs George Bevan (Caerphilly)
14-17 Boys (Advanced) – Jack Maloney (Caerphilly) vs Liam Maloney (Caerphilly)
14-17 Girls (Advanced) – Chloe Jenkins (Aberdare) vs Nia Lerwill (Caerphilly)
Women (30+) – Rose-Sharon Hayles (Llantrisant) – GRAND CHAMPION

Forms Finalists announced
FreeForm Under 10s – Iwan Hargreaves (Llantrisant) vs Reuben West (Hengoed)
FreeForm Age 10+ (Under Green Belt) – Brooke Cayford (Llantrisant) vs Rose-Sharon Hayles (Llantrisant) v Sophia Mitina (Llantrisant) v Chiara Evans (Llantrisant)
FreeForm Age 10+ (Green Belt +) – Tanisha Evans (Rhigos) v Charley Davies (Penlan)
Weapons – Carwyn Evans (Rhigos) v Cassie-Mai Woods (St Athan)
Freestyle to Music – Kloe Jones (Cwmllynfell) v Laila Jones (Cwmllynfell)
FreeForm Doubles Under 10s – Erin Griffiths (Rhondda) & Cody Williams (Aberdare) v Iwan Hargreaves (Llantrisant) & Tia Ashcroft (Llantrisant)
FreeForm Doubles Age 11-15 – Lowri Fielding (Llantrsiant) & Chiara Evans (Llantrisant) v Charley Davies (Penlan) & Keisha Wilde (Penlan)
FreeForm Doubles Age 16+ – Emma Curnow (Pontyclun) & Bethan Cook (Pontyclun) v Rose-Sharon Hayles (Llantrisant) & Liam Hayles (Llantrisant)
FreeForm Teams – Emily Eveleigh (St Athan) & Emma Curnow (Pontyclun) & Bethan Cook (Pontyclun) & Katie Cook (Pontyclun)