Miss Maddie Clarke

4th Degree Black Belt
Level 2 Coach

Miss Clarke joined the WCKA at the age of 5 as a Lil Dragon. From a young age she has had a passion for the sport and always wants to better her technique. From the age of 7 she has been competing around the UK and since then has achieved the World Champion status in more recent years. At age 11, she achieved her 1st Degree Black Belt and in 2015 she reached her 3rd Degree Black Belt. Her preferred style of fighting is Semi-Contact and has achieved many medals internationally within this style. She has competed in Light Continuous tournaments around the UK and also Karate Kumite internationally.
She loves learning and understanding the syllabus and wants to help other students improve their techniques and to set an example for future black belts. She loves coaching the younger students, as she was once in their position.

Coach: Master Nick Clarke (6th Degree Black Belt)

Most Important Achievements:

    • • WAKO Cimac Superleague Grand Champion (2009)
      • 1st Degree Black belt (June 2010)
      • WKA World Champion in Semi-Contact (September 2011)
      • 2nd Degree Black belt (September 2012)
      • WKU German Open Runner-Up, Semi- Contact (June 2014)
      • WKU Silver medal in Semi-Contact in World Championships (August 2014)
      • WKU World Champion in Semi-Contact (October 2015)
      • 3rd Degree Black belt (December 2015)
      • WKU Northern Irish Open Winner, Semi-Contact (January 2016)
      • WKU Northern Irish Open Runner-Up, Light Contact (January 2016)
      • WKU German Open, 3rd Place, Semi- Contact (June 2016)
      • WKU Scottish Open Winner, Semi-Contact (June 2016)
      • WKU Silver medal in Karate Kumite in World Championships (September 2016)
      • WKU Austrian Open Winner, Semi-Contact, Women’s -60kg (November 2016)
      • WKU Austrian Open Winner, Semi-Contact, Women’s -65kg (November 2016)
      • WKU Austrian Open Runner- Up, Karate Kumite (November 2016)
      • WKU Northern Irish Open Winner, Semi-Contact (January 2017)
      • WKU World Champion, Semi-Contact, Women’s -60kg (August 2017)
      • WKU Austrian Open Winner, Karate Kumite (November 2017)
      • WKU Northern Ireland Open Winner, Semi-Contact (January 2018)
      • WKU World Champion Karate Kumite, Athens 2018
      • WKU World Silver Medallist, Semi Contact Women’s -60kg, Athens 2018
      • WKU World Champion, Semi Contact Women’s -65kg, Austria 2019

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